Learn Chinese Phrases

Learn Chinese Phrases


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"Ni Hao" - mean "Hello" in Chinese ! China is the most populous country in the world. And China is also the fastest-growing Economies in the world. But local people just only use their language in daily. How to communicate with local people when you have a trip or business in China. Let start with "Learn Chinese Phrases" ! "Learn Chinese Phrases" contains over 900 commonly-used Chinese phrases and vocabularies for travelers and beginner. "Learn Chinese Phrases" is simple, nice and easy to use. How to use : + Tap to listen pronunciation of a phrase. + Repeat the sentence. + Compare your pronunciation. + Search function is very useful when you want to speak common English in Chinese. Just type "phrases in english" and tap on sentences and you will see phrase in Chinese. Repeat this process to perfect your Chinese. Improve your fluency, train your pronunciation and learn some great phrases and vocabularies.