MKXL Pocket Guide - Mortal Kombat XL Edition - Kustom Kombos, Moves, and Finishers for MKX

MKXL Pocket Guide - Mortal Kombat XL Edition - Kustom Kombos, Moves, and Finishers for MKX

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  • Категория: Reference
  • Дата релиза: 2015-05-20
  • Текeofя версия: 2.0
  • Взрастной ценз: 9+
  • Размер файла: 12.12 MB
  • Разработчик: DDustiNN
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 6.0 или новее.


Update 2.0: MKXL is here! Alien, Bo' Rai Cho, Leatherface, Triborg, & more. MKXL Pocket Guide is the fastest and most customizable Mortal Kombat XL guide available. Keep this app handy to learn every move, combo, and Fatality, see how to unlock and perform every Brutality, and store your own Kustom Kombos! --------------------------------- OVERVIEW --------------------------------- - All special moves, combos, and Fatalities for every character (including DLC characters) - Special Move Highlights for a quick glance, and Detail for full info - Stage Fatalities for every character - All Brutality requirements and their Krypt locations - Hidden Brutalities and Stage Brutalities - Kustom Kombo creator - Automatically remembers the last variation you chose for each character - Variation-specific moves are highlighted blue - Customizable button layouts (PS, Xbox, numbers, etc) - Always-on screen for at-a-glance viewing - Notes section for each character - Switch sides (facing right or left) This unofficial companion app is an interactive and customizable reference guide for the video game Mortal Kombat XL on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (mobile game excluded). In the middle of a fight but forgot how to do your character's finishing move? Don't have time to pause and look at the moves list because you're playing online? Want to store your awesome combos? Keep this app handy for a quick glance during and between rounds!  Now you'll have fast, easy access to every character's Special Moves, Kombos, Fatalities, and Brutalities, including the unlockable and downloadable characters. Create and store your own custom combos with the Kreate-A-Kombo feature.  Or use the Notes section for each character for tips and progress. --------------------------------- KUSTOM KOMBO KREATOR --------------------------------- Enter and save your own Kustom Kombos! After practicing to figure out how to chain together special moves and combos to make even longer, more devastating combos, you can use the interactive and fully editable Kreate-A-Kombo (including copy/paste) feature to save them for later. --------------------------------- BRUTALITIES --------------------------------- Tap any Brutality to see its execution requirements, as well as the Krypt location to unlock it! Also includes secret Brutalities, and Stage Brutalities. --------------------------------- CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS --------------------------------- Choose your button layout - Options include Universal (front punch, back punch, front kick, back kick, etc), PlayStation, Xbox, and PC button layouts, as well as numbered (1, 2, 3, 4) for the purists. There is also a P2 option to switch between facing right or left. --------------------------------- CHARACTER NOTES --------------------------------- Each character has their own Notes section. Track your progress, write down new combo ideas, or save a quick tip about an awesome move you saw someone use online. --------------------------------- NO INTERNET REQUIRED  --------------------------------- All info in this app is contained and stored directly on your iDevice. This app is coded in pure, native iOS, which means FAST access to the moves whenever and wherever you need them.  This app is for Mortal Kombat X on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Mobile game excluded. --------------------------------- SUGGESTIONS --------------------------------- If you find a mistake or have a suggestion for improvement, please let me know! Follow me @ddustinn on Twitter. And if you like the app, please rate it on the App Store! :) --------------------------------- DISCLAIMER --------------------------------- All logos, names, images, and information in this application are used with express permission of Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat X © 2015 WB Entertainment Inc. Developed by NetherRealm Studios. This app is not licensed by, endorsed by, or associated with Warner Bros., NetherRealm, or the makers of Mortal Kombat.



  • Good app

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    Very good and useful app..!!)))) Just wish...why dont you make buttons for PS4 in the colour of Ds4..? It will realy cool!!!
  • Nice app

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    Please add favorite heroes and edit combo