NYSORA Nerve Blocks

NYSORA Nerve Blocks

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NYSORA’s application is the most practical and authoritative reference guide to ultrasound-guided nerve blocks featuring: - Standardized regional anesthesia procedures and management protocols - Most clinically applicable excerpts from NYSORA’s best selling textbooks - Easy-to-navigate menu with a comprehensive collection of regional anesthesia techniques for head and neck, upper extremity, lower extremity, thoracic, and abdominal wall blocks - NYSORA’s trademark functional regional anatomy and reverse ultrasound anatomy used in lectures by instructors worldwide - Sensory and motor block, patient positioning, landmarks, and logical step-by-step technique instructions - The most popular tips from NYSORA’s fabled boutique ultrasound-guided nerve block workshops - Updated, algorithm-driven approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of nerve injury and local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST) - Teaching collection of must-have for anatomy images, videos, and reverse ultrasound illustrations created by NYSORA - Study material for ultrasound certification - Continuous addition of new updates, teaching material, ultrasound images, and videos Upgrade to: - Learn all standardized nerve block procedures - Gain access to patient management protocols - Build own regional anesthesia service - Use teaching material for own presentations - Access regional anesthesia documentation templates - Access reverse anatomy animations - Access real-life clinical teaching videos - Use the simulation exercises to learn ultrasound skills - Get updates on joint replacement fast-tracking protocols - Be informed on anticoagulation guidelines