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  • Категория: Sports
  • Дата релиза: 2013-09-19
  • Текeofя версия: 3.13.1
  • Взрастной ценз: 4+
  • Размер файла: 51.85 MB
  • Разработчик: Elite srl
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 9.0 или новее.
Балов: 1.5
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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a personal trainer: ELITE's myETraining App is a new and exciting way to manage ELITE hometrainers and structure training sessions. Free Level Training Option. A 1 year subscription for € 19.99 (prices may vary by country) activates all myETraining options. myETraining Features: - RealVideo and myRealVideo training: Chose from among the many RealVideo available for purchase or download some of the many user-created myRealVideos. The video of the course adjusts to match your speed* to create an immersive cycling experience. Use with Interactive Hometrainers: myETraining automatically adjusts the resistance for an even more realistic cycling simulation. You're free to choose how and where to start on-video training; pick any location on the map to begin. - Compatible with Smart Bluetooth sensors. (if it's supported by the hometrainer you're using) - Compatible with the ELITE Misuro Blu and ELITE Misuro B+ sensors. These ELITE sensors are not directly applied on the bicycle but on the trainer, so assembling hometrainers is even faster. (if it's supported by the hometrainer you're using) - ANT FE-C and Bluetooth Support for ELITE Hometrainers. - Compatible with ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart power measuring sensors (ergometers) (compatibility may depend on the device used). - Cloud-based Data: Your training data can be directly stored by your cloud account and shared between your personal devices. - New, simple procedure to create training programs. - Video or audio playlist creation. - Road race GPS course recording to later relive your training sessions with myETraining maps. - Data export to Strava and MapMyRide. You'll be able to display power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data directly on your smartphone or tablet iOS. 
myETraining is compatible with the following ELITE hometrainers and rollers: Real Turbo Muin, Turbo Muin, Digital, Hydromag, Fluid and Magnetic technology-compatible hometrainers and many more. Please check the site to verify compatibility. AVAILABLE OPTIONS Basic Training: choose from constant power, levels or preset programs as your training mode. Training Test: create a monthly program based on your previous test results. Map races: create tracks anywhere in the world on Maps and simulate them with your hometrainer. Track recording with Maps: take your smartphone with your and record the GPS track, you'll then be able to simulate it with your hometrainer any time you want even when it rains or snows outside ** History: save your training data to analyse your progress later on. Save, share and export all your training data to evaluate your performance and improvements. Export your data directly to Strava and MapMyRide with just one click. Check to see if you need additional hardware to use myETraining. * only on hometrainers and electronic rollers ** continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



  • Bugs bugs bugs

    От Звательцо
    I set my age — it says Age not set and doesn’t allow to start training. I set it again, and it says Age not set again... Why is it impossible to train without age set after all? Buggy AF. I own two Elite trainers (turbo and rollers) but can’t use their app. Thumbs down.
  • Неудобное приложение

    От Eilede
    Калибровка Elite qubo digital smart b+ это просто издевательство.Разработчики, вы сами то пробовали ее делать? Сначала, 10мин.теряем на разогрев. Зачем в калибровке так долго? Это нужно чтоб станок в рабочее состояние привести? А крутить педали и значения мощности вводить,вам нормально? Мне вот как то неочень. Далее...В тренировках по мощности и уровню вы пробовали на этих ваших мелких кнопках менять нагрузку? Попробуйте! Это крайне неудобно делать. И ЕЩЕ! ПОЧЕМУ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ ТОЛЬКО ВЕРТИКАЛЬНОЕ???
  • Регистрация

    От Sergejtrofimov
    Невозможно зарегестрироваться!
  • No Pedaling Analysis, no Conconi test

    От Pavlinux
    No Pedaling Analysis, no Conconi test
  • This app does not support Wahoo key Ant+ dongle?

    От plorick
    Cannot get it to work through Ant+ sensors. Please help.
  • Не поддерживает русского языка

    От Виктор МгФ
    1. В настройках в списке стран отсутствует Россия. 2. Отсутствует русский язык. 3. Невозможно синхронизировать покупки на компьютере, на iPhone и на iPad
  • App doesn't work

    От Mvm0706
    I can't register, i cant login. Connection error...
  • Useless app without Support of the Garmin Ant+ key

    От by_Lion
    For me was a useless app, because of the lack of support Garmin Ant+ key. Why there is no support Garmin says on the, and is not specified in the description of the app??? Please make a support Garmin Ant+ key. You make cool turbo trainers, but why osellame owners the periphery of Garmin production? This is a very sad
  • Wish

    От chivser
    Why is not possible to specify in "Program mode" segment time in Seconds? Alternatively, let it be a fractional part of minutes!