Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass

Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass

От ozPDA

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  • Дата релиза: 2009-10-05
  • Текeofя версия: 6.3
  • Взрастной ценз: 4+
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  • Разработчик: ozPDA
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 12.0 или новее.
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Sunseeker is a comprehensive solar tracking & compass app. It shows the sun’s hourly direction intervals, its equinox, winter & summer solstice paths, sunrise sunset times, twilight times, sun shadow, the golden hour & more. The app allows you to add sun-event notifications & has a widget showing the day’s solar data & position on an arc. The surveyor view shows the solar direction for each sunlight hour. Sunseeker has both a flat compass view & a 3D Augmented Reality (AR) view to show the solar position & path. The app is useful for - ▶ Photographers- to plan according to the golden hour or blue hour & optimal sunlight conditions, sunrise & sunset times & directions. ▶ Cinematographers- this sun tracker & sun surveyor enables you to find the sun exposure, directions, sun shadow & sunrise sunset times for any location. ▶ Real Estate Buyers- can use the app before buying a property to check the sun path & to find the sun exposure of properties. ▶ Drivers - Sunseeker lets you track the sun path & movement during the days & helps drivers know the sun position to find how long the car will remain in the shade at any given parking spot. ▶ Campers & Picnickers- for anyone planning a day out, Sunseeker app will help in finding where to camp, sit or pitch an umbrella depending on the sunlight & sun direction. ▶ Gardeners- Sun Seeker can also help with finding optimal planting locations & seasonal sunlight hours as a sun rise calendar ▶ Architects & Surveyors- for visualising the spatial variability of the solar angle throughout the year & using the compass app as a sun surveyor & calendar to determine the sunlight directions. Main Features * Sunseeker is a sun locator which uses GPS, magnetometer & gyroscope to find the correct solar position & sun path for your current location. * Flat compass view shows current solar position, diurnal solar angle & elevation (separated into day & night segments), sun shadow length ratio, atmospheric path thickness. * 3D augmented reality (AR) camera overlay view shows the sun's current position, its path with hour points marked. Check golden hour using this feature! * Camera view has an optional pointer to guide you towards the current location of the sun & help you with sun direction. * Map view shows solar direction arrows, sun path & elevations for each hour of the day. * Choose any date to view sun position & path on that day. You can view sunset & sunrise times for each day as well. * Choose any location on earth (includes 40,000+ cities or custom locations available offline, as well as a comprehensive online map search capability) * Get additional details including sun rise, sunset & culmination times, maximum elevation, civil, nautical & astronomical twilight times of the sun. * Optional device notifications for all manner of sun-related periods & events, such as golden hour or blue hour, various twilight & shadow periods, or sun at a given compass heading or above a given elevation. * This sun rise calendar app allows the user to include equinox, summer & winter solstice paths on both flat compass view & camera view. Sun Seeker app has been featured in numerous high-profile blogs, websites & publications, including Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald etc. "Truly amazing", "Incredible", "Brilliant" - the most genuinely useful application of augmented reality - ever! Check out our YouTube video here: Simply search YouTube for "Sun Seeker app" to find many videos, websites & blogs created by our enthusiastic users FAQs * See - also easily accessible from the app's info screen Note * The compass accuracy depends on having an undistorted magnetic field around your device. If you use it close to metallic objects or electrical equipment, directional accuracy may be impaired. The device’s compass accuracy can be optimised by calibrating it prior to use. See app’s FAQs for more help.



  • Это хорошо

    От Kungfuzzi
    Случается, программа немного лагает, но к чести разработчиков, с каждым её обновлением, приложение становится всё совершенней.
  • Не правильно показывает

    От Gxd99
    Не правильно показывает положение солнца через фотокамеру. Примерно на час. Возможно, из-за неправильных данных о зимнем времени.
  • Отлично

    От achernov
    Отличное приложение, незаменимо для фотографов или если просто живёшь в Петербурге, позволяет планировать белые ночи 😀
  • Отлично

    От Alex-Talk
    Отличное приложение, несмотря на отсутсвие русского все понятно и отлично работает. Для тех кто часто снимает очень полезно!
  • Очень помогает для определения мередианного времени.

    От Архат
  • Хорошо

    От Cry4man
    В целом очень хорошее и нужное приложение. Только стало часто глючить на 4м iPhone. Не запускается иногда и 3D не везде работает.
  • Не работает без интернета

    От Bogomyako
    В горах, где нет сотовой связи, бесполезна Iphone 4s ios 7.06
  • Дорого

    От makslevin
    Дороговато, но вполне себе применимо
  • Архи-удобно для планирования участка

    От Sergey Nsk
    Легко увидеть как будет падать солнце в любом месте земли в любой день года. Выбираешь место на карте и одним движением пальца смотришь как в течении года меняется ход солнца. Сразу видишь куда что ставить
  • Very very cool

    От Archearer
    I'm an architect and I've bought this app for my work. This is simply AMAZING and VERY helpful tool for using on project sites. Now I can see how, when and from what side sunrays will penetrate to the future building. Definitly thanks to this app my iPad now not only a toy, but also a pro tool. And I must say, when I show possibilities of this programm to my clients directly at building area, they are always very impressed too. What I'd like to see at future versions: - Video recording of 3d view with augmented reality. It's really necessary! - Possibility of zooming camera view. - It's not easy, but maybe developers can combine this programm with any 3d-files viewer, and architects will can look at insolation in their future buildings.