Dimensions Calculator

Dimensions Calculator

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Ideal for engineers, architects, designers, fabricators, estimators and students. Especially for Aluminum fabrication industries where they have to dealt with dimensions all the time. There are 4 length calculators: 1. Imperial inputs calculator. 2. Metric inputs calculator. 3. Digital inputs calculator. 4. Inches inputs calculator. A group of Area calculators, and a group of Volume calculators. A Units conversion calculator and a Fractions calculator. Area calculator covers: Annulus, Circle, Ellipse, Hexagon, Octagon, Parallelogram, Pentagon, Regular Polygons, Rhombus, Segement of a circle, Sector of a circle, Square, Rectangle, Trapezium, Triangles. Volume calculator covers: Barrel, Cone, Cuboid, Cylinder, Frustum, Pyramid, Hollow cylinder, Parallelpiped, Sector of a sphere, Segment of a sphere, Sliced cylinder, Sphere with cylindrical bored, Sphere with Conical Bored, Sphere, Torus, Ungula, Zone of a sphere. Units conversion calculator covers: Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Pressure, Linear Velocity, Angular Velocity, Acceration, Energy, Power, Density, Thermal conductivity, Thermal conductance, Heat flow, Temperature, Data storage, Angles, Fuel consumption(US), Fuel consumption(UK), Time, Flow rate, Force, Torque, Cook Measurement. Fraction Calculator with continuous calculating method.