Pilott Electronic Logbook

Pilott Electronic Logbook

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Introducing Pilott, the complete electronic logbook that has revolutionized the way you keep track of your flying career. GETTING STARTED WITH PILOTT LOGBOOK. - If you are currently using an electronic logbook and would like to switch to Pilott, simply send us your exported data from whatever logbook you are using and we can facilitate an import. Alternatively, simply add your previous flight experience under your profile. KEY FEATURES DASHBOARD - Customizable dashboard widgets that provide a wealth of information at your fingertips. - Total flight hours. - Total PIC time. - Total Single and Multi engine times. - Total day and night hours. - Total flown past 30 days. - Currencies - Your flight footprint which pins every airport you have visited. - and more! TYPES - Add any type of aircraft you fly including details such as the type of engine or undercarriage for interesting stats on your flying career. AIRCRAFT - Keep track of all the aircraft you have flown with detailed info on each aircraft. - Most flown aircraft. - Gets aircraft photo automatically from our database. - EFIS instrumentation information, in case you need to keep track of EFIS time for a potential employer. LOGBOOK - Displays your last 10 entries in an easy to understand format. - Browse by page for a more traditional view of your logbook in the SACAA format. - Advanced search functionality. CREW - Your personal Pilot address book, keeping track of who you have flown with and their contact details. AIRPORTS - Complete Airport database with over 10,000 airports. - Fly to the same airport often? Add it to your favorites for easy access when logging entries. - Add custom notes for each airport you fly to that will pop up automatically on the dashboard based on your proximity to the airport. - Add custom airfields/airports. CURRENCIES - Stay updated with how many years, months and days are left before your documents expire. - Automated e-mail reminders. REPORTS - This is where all your data is consolidated into various reports that are both vital or for interest sake. Logbook reports - Print ready in SACAA format, A4 split over 2 pages. - Generate by date range. - Auto print last 6 month, 90 days, 2 months, 1 month. Last 3 pages. - Previous flying experience. - Reports by aircraft type Career summaries with custom date range. - 12 month and 6 month Career summaries as required by SACAA. - Basic or extended type formats depending on your needs or experience. OTHER REPORTS - Undercarriage - Keeps track of fixed, retractable, tail dragger and float time. - Cross country time or EFIS time. Total day and night hours. - Total landing for day and night. Hours reports Type category, Aeroplane, Helicopter, Simulator etc. - Engine type. Aircraft registration. Single Engine hours. Multi engine hours. RESUME - Generate a resume that only needs to be filled out once. As you update your electronic logbook, so will the resume hours, giving you the most updated resume to share easily with potential employers. APPLE WATCH COMPANION APP - view latest entries and flight limitations. - flight timer with automatic hour calculation, as well as automatic airport detection by location. OTHER FEATURES - Logbook Audit. - Endorsements. - Backups. - Limitations. - Resume. - Rosters. - Offline Mode.