Smart Finder for Hearing Aid

Smart Finder for Hearing Aid

От Phairin Chailert

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  • Дата релиза: 2021-07-13
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  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 14.1 или новее.


Having the ability to check your phone for where your hearing aids might be hiding! We can help you to find your misplaced hearing aid(s)!! Use the Bluetooth Proximity Scanner and the Sound Finder to find your lost hearing aid(s)! TWO BLUETOOTH PROXIMITY RADARS: There are two radar tools to find your lost hearing aid using Bluetooth Low Energy proximity. These finders show hints, Bluetooth Low Energy signal strength, and estimate the distance between you and your missing hearing aid. Simply use the features of this app to find the proximity of your lost hearing aid! SOUND FINDER Use ten different alert sounds to find your misplaced hearing aids by sound. NOTES: BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY: The Signal Proximity Radar work with any BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and up) smart hearing aid. The hearing aid you lost must have a charge and be transmitting a BLE signal (Bluetooth Low Energy) to be found with these two functions. BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY RADIAL PROXIMITY RADAR: The closer you get to your lost hearing aid the further the radial indicator will move RIGHT. Once you are able to move around to get the radial indicator to move to the right the furthest as possible, then your hearing aid is very close, have a look and you will find it! BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY SIGNAL RADAR: The closer you are to your missing hearing aid, the higher the Bluetooth low energy signal percentage. Move around to increase the percentage and you will find your lost hearing aid very quickly! SOUND FINDER: You must be connected to your hearing aids in iOS Bluetooth Settings for the Sound Finder to play sounds through to your lost hearing aids. (Settings =>> Bluetooth =>> My Hearing aids, Your hearing aids must still be connected.). SUPPORT: