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  • Дата релиза: 2021-09-20
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SeeVerify is an interactive tool that guides industrial network technicians—step by step—through routine and not-so routine tasks. It helps them carry out maintenance and repairs in the way you expect, and it helps you keep track of what tasks they did and when. Supervising technicians can be challenging, especially when you have a complex network or work for a geographically dispersed organization. You can’t be looking over their shoulder all the time. On the other hand, you don’t want them to struggle on their own, running the risk that they’ll accidentally do something that damages your industrial network. So, how about a centralized resource that provides them with their own digital instructor? Making sure the work is done, and done right You can enjoy a number of real benefits from SeeVerify: * Helps lead engineers to share technical knowledge and practical experience in a consistent manner, giving all technicians access to the same guidance. * Enables the creation, editing and collation of task instructions, systematizing the distribution of up-to-date guidance across the organization. * Can be adapted and applied to any network protocol or operational situation, helping technicians with different levels of knowledge fulfil their duties. * Gives on-screen interactive guidance, steering technicians through any task and making sure each step is completed before moving on to the next. * Used on a smartphone, giving those in the field immediate access to a virtual assistant when testing, maintaining or repairing a network. * Facilitates the onboarding, training and reassignment of technicians, helping them transition quickly and perform independently and confidently. SeeVerify gives you confidence in what field technicians are doing, and how they’re doing it. Major product features SeeVerify lets you create your own step-by-step instructions for network technicians, who can access them via a mobile device. The cloud-based platform also allows technicians to input readings, data and images, which can be shared across the organization. The major features of SeeVerify include: * Online platform to create, edit and publish customized instructions company-wide * OCR software built in so that scanned text can be captured, added and edited * Templates and decision tree algorithm to help create step-by-step instructions * Auto steps and auto inputs such as date, time, images and measurements * Dashboard that compares projected and actual time to complete a task * Multiple combinations of guides, templates and projects permitted Accessible via a mobile device app (android only) * User licence required, but not dependent on any other Procentec product