Joyfully: Self-Care Activities

Joyfully: Self-Care Activities

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Joyfully is the #1 activity recommendation app that helps you focus on self care. Wether you’re stuck at home, bored or simply want to create your joy in your life, you can use Joyfully. THE BEST ACTIVITY-RECOMMENDATION APP FOR SELF CARE, GRATITUDE AND WELLNESS. Being home for long periods can be draining for your mental energy and mental health in general. Inactivity is not healthy for you. Our impulse can sometimes drive us towards social media or other time-wasting tools. Now, you can use Joyfully to help you direct your attention to activities that will make you feel good. Joyfully was created to support you physical and mental health. Once we get into a habit and repeat the same patters day after day, we find it difficult to think outside of the box and change our routine. Meanwhile routines can be helpful, it’s also important to introduce some variety to your daily habits. Joyfully can bring this variety through activities that are tailor for your self care and wellbeing. Focusing on healthy activities, not only will you feel happier and more grateful about the good things in life, you’ll also feel more productive. HOW JOYFULLY WORKS: - Whenever you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and need some fresh energy, simply open Joyfully - You’ll see recommended activities we’ve created to suit your needs - You can also pick a specific category of activities you’d like to do, for example “Food” - Select the activity that looks most appealing to you in the moment. - You’ll be able to see a detailed description of the activity, estimated budget, steps you’ll need to take and any other necessary information. - After you complete the activity, you can mark is “done” in Joyfully, giving you an overview of what you have accomplished. - Now you can enjoy the feeling of taking care of yourself through positive activities. We hope you enjoy Joyfully as much as we enjoy building it for you. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: