От Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio

  • Категория: Music
  • Дата релиза: 2021-01-17
  • Текeofя версия: 1.3
  • Взрастной ценз: 4+
  • Размер файла: 34.94 MB
  • Разработчик: Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 11.4 или новее.


WoodSynth is a synthesizer with 4 independent layers. Each layer is in fact a synthesizer on its own. Each layer has 3 VCO’s plus a samples based source, coming from a file or from recording the audio track. Up to 16 voices can be set per layer. Layers can be used in parallel, assigned to a region of the keyboard or used in a sequential mode where the first note(s) on are played by layer 1 and the next note(s) by layer 2 and so on. This last mode allows to have a different sound per note played (and independent from a keyboard region). WoodSynth has a polyphonic pitch-bending touch bar which also displays notes received from a keyboard. Each layer has its own filter and envelope with ADSR per voice, a pitch shifting envelope per VCO, a delay, a basic reverb, a modulator LFO per VCO, 2 general LFO’s and a 16 steps sequencer. Key tracking can be applied on the ADSR attack and release, on the filter cutoff and on the VCO modulation. The app can be used stand-alone (device audio input and output) or as a plugin in a DAW. - IOS plugin type : AUv3 and stand-alone app.
 - Has 4 independent synthesizers, each with up to 16 voices.
 - Supports MPE.
 - Has a polyphonic touch bar with polyphonic pitch bending.
 - Velocity, channel pressure, (polyphonic) aftertouch, CC74 can be used to modulate several synth parameters.
 - VCO’s have the usual waveforms (sine, saw, square, triangle, pulse and noise) and can be modulated in various ways (FM, AM, Pulse Width, Slew rate)
 - Samples can be recorded from the audio input/track or loaded from file (sample files should be in the WoodSynth iCloud folder)
 - Each voice has a 4-pole Moog Lowpass filter with resonance and ADSR envelope.
 - An offset can be set in the Filter cutoff for the R channel to create a stereo effect.
 - Each voice has a pitch shifting ADSR envelope which can be independently enabled for each VCO.
 - Has Key tracking for VCO pan, Filter cutoff, ADSR Envelope Attack and Release.
 - Each layer has a delay unit (which can be separately panned) and a basic reverb.
 - Each layer has a 16 steps sequencer which can run on multiple voices (poly mode).
 - Each layer can set the midi channel and range of receiving midi notes (which allows for up to 4 split keyboard regions).
 - Layers can be set in sequential mode : first note(s) played on layer1, next note(s) on layer2, etc. - Layers have an additional high-pass filter saturation and crush control.
 - Synth audio and delay can be panned independently.
 - Supports Ableton Link to sync tempo and start-stop.
 - Has 4 User Control rotaries which can be freely assigned.
 - The User Controls can be controlled by a midi CC which can be set or learned.
 - Presets can be stored in iCloud Drive (makes them available on all your devices).