KidInspector Parental Control

KidInspector Parental Control

От Anatoly Nevelev

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  • Дата релиза: 2020-09-29
  • Текeofя версия: 11.6.15
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  • Разработчик: Anatoly Nevelev
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 10.12 или новее.


KidInspector Parental Control is an easy-to-use application for remote control of kids’ activities on macOS devices. Due to its powerful features, the program allows parents to track instant messengers, visited websites and URLs, keystrokes, social networks activity as well as to monitor live surroundings via the webcam and microphone. With KidInspector, parental control of kids’ activities gets smooth and simple.  Install KidInspector Parental Control on your Mac and access its main features: • view the computer screen in live mode;
 • monitor search queries and visited websites;
 • block unwanted websites like dating sites, social networks, or adult sites;
 • capture screenshots;
 • make webcam snapshots;
 • record sound from the microphone;
 • monitor activity in the most popular IMs and on social networks;
 • control clipboard activities;
 • track running programs and applications;
 • record keystrokes.
 The application offers two ways of viewing the recorded logs. You can either check the data locally in the program on the target device or monitor user activities remotely from any place and any device. To start tracking your child’s activities distantly, you simply need to install KidInspector Parental Control on the target device and to register your online account. Once the program is installed, it will start monitoring all user activities and sending the data to your online account.  Frequent Questions and Answers 1. How can I view the recorded data? 
 The recorded data can be viewed locally in the program or remotely in your online account. The logs are filtered into several categories such as "Web Pages Visited", "IM Activity", "Search Queries", etc for your convenience.  2. Why do I need an online account? 
 KidInspector Parental Control allows remote monitoring of kids’ activities via your online account, meaning that you don’t need access to the device when you want to view the recorded data. Once you install the application and create an online account, you’ll be able to view the recorded data from any place and any device. If you want to check the recorded data locally in the program, creating an online account is not required.  3. Do I need administrator privileges to install the application? 
 No, you don’t. Unlike other parental control programs, KidInspector can run on the target Mac successfully without admin privileges.  4. I’m not tech-savvy. Can I use this program? 
 Since the application offers quick and simple installation, you don’t need any technical skills to install and use the software. The program is designed with parents in mind and has a user-friendly interface so anybody can use KidInspector Parental Control for their monitoring needs.  5. How can I monitor social networks and chats with KidInspector? 
 KidInspector records keyboard events so you’ll know what your kids discuss with their friends online and what they are up to. Other than that, the program allows live viewing of the screen, screenshot capturing and monitoring of chats & the most popular social apps, so keeping an eye on your kids’ online activities is pretty easy.  6. Can I check the search queries that have been removed from the browser? 
 Yes. Clearing the list of search queries from the program is impossible, unlike clearing it from the browser. 7. What kind of websites, applications, and URLs can I block with KidInspector? 
 Any websites and apps that you find inappropriate for your beloved one. You can restrict the kids’ usage of unwanted websites and apps from any place and any device. Simply go to Remote Settings in your online account and add a whole category of websites (dating sites, shopping, torrents, adult sites, etc.) or specific URLs to the Black List.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach our support team via email (  Terms of use: Privacy policy: