HUMANITY - Stay Healthy Longer

HUMANITY - Stay Healthy Longer

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**Hey! We’re adding people to benefit from Humanity as fast as we can, but currently you need an invite to gain full access. Anyone can install, sign up and track their Rate of Aging and then can request an invite from an existing user to gain full access. We really appreciate your patience as we test and refine the offering to have a positive impact on your health and the health of all humanity. We can’t wait to welcome you!** Humanity is the #1 app for slowing your aging and staying healthy for longer. Join thousands of Humanity users already learning how fast they are aging and, most importantly, how they can slow their aging down. Humanity is recommended and advised by top aging and health experts. Humanity makes slowing your aging super simple. It is designed to allow anyone at any level of health to quickly assess how fast they are aging and quickly implement actions to see what will slow their aging and keep themselves healthy for much longer. Features include: • Continuous monitoring of your actions, Rate of Aging, and Biological Age (Premium feature) using your phone data and any wearables you are using to track your health • AI driven analysis and guidance personalized specifically for you – based on effective tactics working for users like you. • And many more... Goals you can strive for with Humanity: • Reduced Biological Age and slow your Rate of Aging • Staying healthy and happy for many more years • Managing stress • Happiness • Helping your family and all humanity stay healthy for longer • And so much more... Also Featuring: • A free immediate and ongoing assessment of your Rate of Aging Humanity is compatible with any data that you sync with Apple Health. For more information, you can view our: Terms of Service: and Privacy Policy: