Барабан Set - Pad Machine

Барабан Set - Pad Machine

От Satomi Uchida

  • Категория: Music
  • Дата релиза: 2020-04-06
  • Текeofя версия: 1.3.2
  • Взрастной ценз: 4+
  • Размер файла: 467.27 MB
  • Разработчик: Satomi Uchida
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 12.0 или новее.


***** This App is a Real Finger Drum Pad. ***** You can practice according to the Song. ***** Ideal for Jam Sessions with other Instruments. ***** Suitable for Jam Sessions and Lessons. ***** Real High Quality Sound. [Simple Drum] * Simple Drum Pads with No Delay. [Sound Selection & Custom Drum Positions] * Long Press to Select and set Sound. (After selecting the sound, push the selected Drum again, it will be changed) * Available in All Drum Positions. [Color] * Abundant Color Variations. [Metronome] * BPM(30〜300) [Rec] * Includes Recording, Loop and Metronome functions. * Suitable for Jam Sessions and Lessons. [List of Drum Sounds] * Real High Quality Sound. (Drum Notation) (c) = (Hat Close) (ho) = (Hat HalfOpen) (o) = (Hat Open) (fo) = (Hat Foot) (hi) = (High Tom) (mi) = (Middle Tom) (lo) = (Low Tom) (flo) = (Floor Tom) (VS) = (VerySoft) (S) = (Soft) (M) = (Medium) (H) = (Hard) (List of Drum Sounds) [Crash1,Crash2,Crash3,Crash4,Crash5,Crash6,Crash7,Crash8, Hat1(c),Hat2(c.fo),Hat3(c),Hat4(ho),Hat5(o.fo),Hat6(o),Hat7(c.fo),Hat8(c),Hat9(o),Hat10(c.S),Hat10(c.M),Hat10(c.H),Hat11(ho. S),Hat11(ho.M),Hat11(ho.H),Hat12(c.fo),Hat13(o.fo),Hat14(c),Hat15(o),Hat16(c), Kick1,Kick2(VS),Kick2(S),Kick2(M),Kick2(H),Kick3(S),Kick3(M),Kick3(H),Kick4(S),Kick4(M),Kick4(H),Kick5(S),Kick5(M),Kick5(H), Ride1,Ride2,Ride3,Ride4,Ride5(M),Ride5(H),Ride6,Ride7, Snare1,Snare2(S),Snare2(M),Snare2(H),Snar3(VS),Snare3(S),Snare3(M),Snare3(H),Snare4,Snare5,Snare6(M),Snare6(H),Snare7,Snare8,Snare9,Snare10(S),Snare10(M),Snare10(H),Snare11(S),Snare11(M),Snare11(H),Snare12(Roll),Snare13(Roll), DrumRoll, Tom1(hi.S),Tom1(hi.M),Tom1(hi.H),Tom2(flo),Tom3(hi),Tom4(mi),Tom5(lo.M),Tom5(lo.H),Tom6(hi),Tom7(hi),Tom8(lo), Xstick,WoodStick,Triangle,Clave,Cowbell1,Cowbell2,Click-Hi,Click-Lo,Cat,Dog,Conga1,Conga2]