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Welcome to NordLayer NordLayer is an adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses — from the world's most trusted cybersecurity brand, Nord Security. We help organizations of all sizes to fulfil scaling and integration challenges when building a modern secure remote access solution, within an ever-evolving SASE framework. Quick and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, hardware free, and designed with ease of scale in mind, NordLayer meets the varying growth pace and ad-hoc cybersecurity requirements of agile businesses and distributed workforces today. NordLayer makes it easy for businesses to: - START: We provide the foundation for network access security for businesses of any size — offering a low barrier to entry with robust capabilities & performance - COMBINE: We understand that one size doesn't fit all businesses — we offer adaptive security solutions that integrate with a multitude of operating systems and cloud apps - SCALE: We provide the perfect platform for sustainable and unpredictable growth Key business use cases - Secure remote workforce: Businesses worldwide need secure remote access to company resources in order to operate effectively and keep their teams safe on the cloud or on premises. - Secure access to apps and multi-cloud resources: Modern companies use a huge variety of cloud apps which they need to access safely, on a number of devices, platforms and from anywhere in the world. - Protect your data with network security solutions: Data breaches are massively costly & damaging to a company's credibility & commercial bottom line. Businesses need powerful network access encryption to ensure their network, cloud apps & endpoint devices are secure. - Network access control: Segmenting certain areas of the network with access control creates an added layer of protection for companies with distributed workforces. NordLayer allows admins to create teams, and group user access permissions based upon which resources they need to fulfil their duties. Product Specification Security & Protection - Next-gen site-to-site tunneling — secure access to company resources - AES 256-bit traffic encryption — protecting your data - Network Access Control (IP Whitelisting) — set access permissions across the network - Biometric authentication — for an added layer of security - Smart Access — create a virtual LAN between company devices & servers - Dedicated servers / Static IP functionality — choose your virtual location - Custom private gateway creation — for easy network segmentation - Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta & G Suite — meaning no additional credentials are needed - Two-factor authentication (2FA) — for additional layered security - Threat-block malware protection (including DNS filtering) — mitigating the risk of malicious threats - Managing scale, growth & ad-hoc needs - Centrally implemented settings — ensure every member of your organization is using certain security functions including 2FA, SSO, and Biometric authentication - Easy to use Control Panel — for network management control & visibility - Centralized billing and automated user management — cutting your admin workload - Unlimited number of users — highly scalable - License transferability between users — giving you the flexibility to up and downscale - Integration with multiple network vendors simultaneously — reducing network admin - Additional benefits - Shared servers in over 30 countries globally: - QA and automated tests — view the quality of your product from different virtual locations - Monitor product performance in markets worldwide — optimize SEO & ad rankings globally - VPN auto-connect — meaning you connect automatically to the service