Inner Coach

Inner Coach

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Do your thoughts motivate and inspire you or do they undermine your self belief and cap your potential.  Do your beliefs hold you up or hold your back?  This course explores just how deeply learned patterns of belief become the lenses through which you experience yourself and the world around you, and how to challenge and change them! What we do differently is bring this to life using reflective exercises, quiz questions and the rule of law (and the system of justice). Our goal, to encourage you to identify your personal lenses, and see just how these lenses create distortions, distortions that can hold you back, creating unintended consequences like feelings of anxiety, depression or self doubt. This then can interfere with the actual goal of self improvement, limiting your ability to grow, and achieve your goals. So our assignments involve working through your own thoughts, looking at them through the lens of the legal system, and working on them as you would a lawsuit, building a case for yourself! At the same time quizzes and games encourage you to explore and recognise just how thoughts colour perception and outcomes, and how a different perspective can help create alternatives and opportunities. Watching videos of real cases and encouraging you to act as judge and jury, you get to try your hand at spotting the distortions at trial, and how opposing council may stand up and object. The purpose, attuning your mind to ever present distortions, including your own. The goal encouraging you to step into the shoes of defence council, building a case against the thoughts that hold you back. APPROACH This course and workbook is designed to help you experience what you read about, so that you can put the principles and skill-sets into practice.  Utilising games, interactive exercises and even court room scenes it brings to life the 'reflective' attitude you need to have towards the 'facts' as you perceive them and much, much more. Encouraging you to explore and expand your perception, the course also looks to reveal your values, beliefs and rules, and to offer insight into their outcomes. This is achieved in a way that allows you to reflect and respond based on the impact of your actions. In fact this is the cornerstone of the self-defined and inner app approach which looks to give you tools that you can use to evaluate, experience and decide. In this way where the consequence is compromising your goals and objectives you can consider what choices exist for you to be able to tackle self limiting distortion, and introduce powerful potential. Some things you may have already come across like the idea of cognitive distortions and you may even recognise the distortions identified by and terms used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, what may however be different is how we interact with them, and the games and quizzes we use to help you explore alternative ways of approach them. Still not sure. Take a look around at some of the preview pages of our online version of the course, using the marketing link to find your way.