Good News Bible (GNB)

Good News Bible (GNB)

От Mauro Ricardo Calvay Guarniz

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  • Разработчик: Mauro Ricardo Calvay Guarniz
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Holy Bible Good News Bible (GNB) I have already arrived at App The Holy Good News Bible (GNB), it is a direct translation of the biblical languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek); it is not an adaptation or paraphrase of any existing Castilian version. The two official versions of the United Bible Societies (SBU) that are used in all our translations around the world have been taken as the basis of the translation: the Hebraic Stuttgartensia Bible and the fourth revised edition of the Greek New Testament. Would you like to follow the word of the Lord from your Mobile? Read and learn the word of the Lord with our APP containing the versions of Good News Bible (GNB). The Good News Bible (GNB) is a collection of ancient writings that contain records of God's dealings and instructions to His children. The word Bible is of Greek origin and means "books". Although we often think of the Holy Bible (GNB). Good News Bible as a single book, it is actually a divine library bound in a single volume. Have a nice time learning the word of the Lord and reflecting with our APP. BENEFITS: - Access to the books of the Good News Bible (GNB) totally free - You can Like the Text to your liking - You can copy the texts of the Holy Bible (GNB) and share them - Internet connection is not necessary for its operation - User-friendly interface and quick access to books, chapters and verses. - Adjust the text size (zoom) You will break with all evil that is around you with these verses of God Download this App for FREE NOW ... What are you waiting for? Click on download and enjoy for free the books and chapters of the Good News Bible (GNB) The Holy Bible Application Good News Bible (GNB) is considered an efficient tool for the study of the word of God, the intellectual author is God.