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mDomestics – Congregation Management Systemm mDomestics is a Congregation Management System that is designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses to help manage Congregation matters such as scheduling Life & Ministry parts, Public Talks,and Kingdom Hall cleaning. It will also allow you to schedule Sound, Audio, and Attendant assignments, Print schedules for the information board, and track publisher activity in the ministry. mDomestics is designed to run on an iPad and synchronize between all the members iPads that have access to it. This replication process is easy, instant, and wireless. Everyone’s iPad will always remain in sync with each other no matter who inputs data or updates records. No need to share zip files to update individual databases and no chance of becoming out of sync with each other. mDomestics is the perfect app for those taking the lead in the Congregation as it is mobile and always with you wherever you go. This allows you to have all the congregation’s information at your fingertips. You can lookup publisher information to help with shepherding calls or to provide comfort and support during difficult times. Elders can easily prepare reports for Circuit Overseers as well as meetings of the Body of Elders. Things available now: • Schedule Life & Ministry parts and make assignments • Schedule Public talks with local speakers or visiting congregations • Schedule Sound, Audio, and Attendant assignments • Input and track field service activity • Print schedules for the information board. • Print reports for Circuit Overseer visits • Print reports for servant meetings Things available soon: • Many reports are being added weekly to allow complete management of the congregation • Share information about your Public speakers with other congregations in your Network Neighborhood. Each congregation manages their speakers  and their network neighbors see the changes. Someone moves to or from another congregation, these changes are automatically sent out in a  controlled and secure manner between your approved Network Neighbors. • mPublisher app for iPhone to allow publishers to see the weekly meeting schedules, report their time, and see their assignments. mDomestics will change everything you thought you knew about Congregation management. With this mobile app, that replicates instantly and wirelessly, you will never be out of touch with your Congregation data. We invite you to visit the app store and download mDomestics now and start your journey to better Congregation Management. Be sure to visit to learn more, or select the Help menu item when you download the app. Our Terms of Use may be found at