Дневник головной боли

Дневник головной боли

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If you have migraine or get frequent headaches, you may benefit from keeping a headache diary. Keeping detailed records of headache episodes can help provide additional insight about triggers and how to avoid them. This app is designed to help you understand and manage your headachesby recording information about them and any treatments used (medicine and non-medicine options). Your doctor will want to know the overall pattern of your headaches, how they affect you, the treatments used and what the triggers may be. Doctors and people who experience frequent and persistent headaches have found that keeping a diary for one month can help you and your doctor get more from your consultation. Use our headache diary to: - Track the frequency of your headaches, the treatments used and how effective they were for you - Understand your headache experience / patterns including symptoms and triggers - Be better prepared to discuss your headache with your health professional. It is important to write down information about your headaches. Every time you have a headache, make notes in your diary. This information will help you and your healthcare provider learn about your headaches. This will also help you and your health provider make a plan for treating your headache. It is also important to make an appointment with your doctor for the specific purpose of addressing your headache history rather than discussing headaches as part of a physician visit for other reasons. We also recommend keeping a headache diary to track the characteristics of your headaches. Patterns identified from your diary may help your doctor determine which type of headache you have and the most beneficial treatments.