Fake GPS Location - for iPhone

Fake GPS Location - for iPhone

От Riddhi Rakeshbhai Patel

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Fake your location: Be where you want to be, not where you are!” This Mobile App allows you to fake your GPS location, so you can present yourself to your friends wherever you want to be, whether that is London or Paris, Mumbai or Toronto – you can “stake for fake” and prank your friends. When you sign into the App you can use your GPS location and present yourself at a fake location anywhere in the world with one simple step: search the location where you want to be and just tap the “share/save” button, and you are done! Features: Fake your actual location. Add a personal photo Share/Save this location and photo View History You can share this GPS location map on any other social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.) Feature 2: Update or Edit the EXIF GPS Location Metadata (GeoTagging) on your actual photos. Apps such as Facebook & Instagram automatically discover the (GPS) location information using metadata (known as EXIF), which is stored directly in the photo. With this Mobile Application you can change the location settings in the photo in one easy step when you refill in the GPS EXIF field. Is the Eiffel Tower actually in Toronto, Canada? You can prank your friends, and when they don’t believe you – simply follow these steps: open your photo in this App, select any location in the world, and present this as the photo’s new location. Then, open the edited photo in Instagram or Facebook and share it where everyone will see the location of your choice. Feature 3: Get official GPS coordinates – Address, Latitude, Longitude, and even Altitude. Share your “new” coordinates through SMS (text message) or email There may even be times where you will want to know your particular GPS information location at any given moment. You can now attain different information about your particular location. With this mobile App you can even gain access to the specific Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) at the selected location, including: Elevation, Heading, Latitude & Longitude coordinates, and specific address. Do you have a telescope that requires the current time together with the specific coordinates of your location? Or, are you heading out on a trek where knowledge of your latitude and longitude would be beneficial? Do you want to simply scroll around the world for fun and discover your favorite landmarks in real-time? Then the GPS location available in this app is what you need. Choose between several viewing options: Map, Satellite, and Hybrid view. With easy to use tools you can now copy your longitude, latitude or address to a clipboard – then, paste it anywhere you wish and “stake for fake” Fake GPS Location Pro (IAP required to unlock some items): ◦ Unlimited save and share the fake locations ◦ Change photo location ◦ No ads Privacy Policy is available at https://fakegpsca.wordpress.com/privacy-policy/ and Terms of Use: https://fakegpsca.wordpress.com/terms-of-use/



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    Не меняет локацию для приложений месенжеров
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    Только в платной можно сменить
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  • Я думала, что это меняет локацию, а не просто картинки с местом 🤷‍♀️

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    Я думала, что это меняет локацию, а не просто картинки с местом 🤷‍♀️
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