Questo: City Walks & Travel

Questo: City Walks & Travel

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Questo is the best app to discover and explore the world with family, friends and colleagues. Play the most incredible and funny city exploration games. A city game is a new way to tour any city, helping you explore on your own, anytime. Enjoy your holiday with Questo. Invite your loved ones, friends to explore cities by solving fun challenges and clues in your immediate surroundings. This is a great way to discover popular and hidden attractions together with your loved ones, meanwhile learning fascinating fun facts and legends about them. Convert your trip to an adventurous experience. Our travel game app is a mix of real-world games, treasure hunts, outdoor escape rooms, interactive tourist app, city sightseeing tour, trip planner and free walking tour that is good for your health. All the quests are built either by a local insider, a storyteller or an experienced company, and include both must-see popular attractions, beautiful and hidden places, that only locals usually know about. Walking tours are the best way to interact with locals. Each game is unique and created around a specific theme, with an exciting role-playing element, which can be inspired by a movie, a book, a historical fact, or a local legend. Questo is the award-winning platform for city exploration games which lead you to discover new places and stories while interacting with your environment. During your travels you can enjoy city exploration games which will help you fill your adventurous trips with incredible memories . Whether you are traveling or if you're a local looking for things to do or things to see in the city, you can find something cool to discover - you can save a princess trapped in an ancient castle one time, travel into the future to protect the world against aliens another time. As of today, the games are available in 100+ cities You can play city exploration games in some of the most popular cities around the world, such as: London, New York, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Toronto, Munich, Athens, Mexico City, Porto, Singapore, Seoul, Barcelona, San Francisco, Dubai, and many others. You can go from hunting down Jack the Ripper in London to partnering up with Einstein in Zurich to solve a mystery, all while visiting the most popular places in the city connected to these real-life people. Why should you play a Questo city exploration game? - budget-friendly: the price of a game ranges between 8 and 20 Euro - flexible: you can start, pause and restart the game whenever you want - private: explore at your own pace, without depending on the schedule of a large group or anyone else - fun: follow clues and solve challenges to discover new places and stories Over the past years, Questo has received several awards: + People’s Choice Award at Phocuswright Europe in 2019 + Social Impact Award by, in 2018 + Best Travel App Award at eTravel Awards 2017 The Questo city exploration games are perfect for : - couples looking for new things to do together while visiting a new city or the one where they live -people who are looking for memorable entertainment - families with children who are eager to discover cities, learn amazing stories and enjoy a fun city activity - teenagers who are looking for new things to do with their friends - business and solo travellers in search of adventure Play anytime you want, day or night, no reservation needed. Just download the app and walk to the starting location in the city. Join the game and Play Your City a Visit!