TrekRight: Cappadocia

TrekRight: Cappadocia

От Eugene Mallay

  • Категория: Travel
  • Дата релиза: 2016-07-15
  • Текeofя версия: 3.70
  • Взрастной ценз: 4+
  • Размер файла: 24.29 MB
  • Разработчик: Eugene Mallay
  • Совместимость: Требования iOS 14.1 или новее.


TrekRight: Cappadocia is a comprehensive, incredibly handy mobile app for anyone exploring the valleys, trails, and rock-cut churches of this beautiful region. TrekRight includes an in-depth reference 'Trekopedia' (communities, pensions / hotels, attractions, services, points of interest, etc.), supports customizable routes, interactive maps (including detailed offline maps), directions and section-by-section guide, dynamic trip stats for your current section, stage, and route, an intelligent compass that shows the right direction based on your current location and chosen route, and more. # The Right Information, When You Need it Location-aware information – TrekRight provides you with information tailored to your current location. If you are approaching a community, TrekRight will tell you how far you still have to go, what points of interest are available around you, where you can find a restaurant, and so on. Real-time information that keeps you completely on top of things! # Trekopedia TrekRight’s ‘Cappadocia Encyclopedia’ is packed with extensive interactive reference information. Everything can be searched and filtered, viewed on a map, notes can be added (anything from a simple reservation number to a copy-and-pasted blurb from a website), and more. Handy information (literally) at your fingertips! # Interactive Map / Offline Maps Powerful, flexible maps built on top of our high-quality mapping engine, with full support for detailed offline map imagery. Displays your current location on your selected route along with pins showing all the locations included in the Trekopedia (just touch a pin to open its related Trekopedia entry). Our offline maps mean you don’t require Internet access to use the mapping functionality. Online maps are also available for when you have an Internet connection. Easily filter and do searches. Completely transform how you ‘see’ your surroundings on the trail. # Intelligent Compass In addition to all the standard compass functionality, TrekRight’s intelligent compass also points you in the right direction based on your current location and your selected route, and updates dynamically as you move. Two special compass indicators are available – one points towards the end point of your current section (typically the next town on the route), and the other points which way you should go now, taking into consideration all the twists and turns in your route. Never get lost again! # Pre-Departure Planning & Preparation TrekRight makes it easy to plan your route (including configuring the sections you want to follow), organize it into stages, and review distances and elevations (including a handy interactive Elevation Profile Chart). Comes pre-defined with popular routes (full and partial). Review and rank hotels / guest houses, flag locations of interest as ‘favourites’, add your own notes, and more. Be prepared! # Up-To-Date Content TrekRight’s content is regularly being updated and expanded based on the latest information available to us. You can check for content updates directly inside TrekRight and download our database whenever it is convenient for you (even on the trail), without having to connect to the App Store. Always be up to date! --- No Internet Connection Required --- All of TrekRight's content is stored directly on your phone, including our detailed offline maps (once downloaded). No Internet connection is required unless you want to use the online maps.