Calm kit

Calm kit

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We have exercises, practices and techniques that are accessible and engaging for both adults and children. Simple mindful awareness practices, foundational breathing exercises that engage wondering minds, and help establish controlled breathe practices. Try the Calm by Comparison technique which explores the impact of the ranking , an important tool for reality testing, challenging distortions and calming anxieties in a profoundly visual, accessible and practical way that has benefits no matter how old you are.  Or maybe you prefer blowing bubbles (or candles) which helps young children to discover and control the power of their breath. Great as a developmental technique it is also incredibly useful in calming anxious and stressed minds (both young and old). Each exercise in this app includes a brief introduction, basic instructions and videos that both explain and provide audio visual cues to each activity, so that you can use it to uncover and practice a range of common and uncommon techniques for you to use as part of your calm kit.  Distortion defence techniques may be a bit more challenging for younger children, who will struggle to relate to Objecting but they will still be able to practice evidence gathering if they watch the My Little Pony video included. These are not therapy but rather techniques informed by mindfulness, NLP, DBT, CBT amongst others. The app then looks to make these ideas accessible and even pleasurable. So choose the exercises and techniques that work for you and add it to your favourites to do every day. Children however should only do these under the supervision of an adult, and a professional should be consulted should you experience any discomfort or disconcerting symptoms. It does not represent medical, psychological or psychiatric advice or care.